CFA Custom Foot Adjusted

(Prescribed Preformed Orthotics)


CFABasicRange2.jpg - large

CFA devices are prescribed pre formed devices designed to offer an economical alternative when full prescription devices are not necessary or economically viable for the patient. They begin as predetermined shell shapes and can be individually modified for length and FF width to approximately suit the outline or Scan Photo. Many Prescription variables in covering and additions are available to further tailor the device for the patient. 


We adjust the shell dimensions to your patients foot from an out-line or digital scan you provide by fax or email.

You can prescribe any cover, pad or post as you would a custom orthotic.

CFA Orthotics can be prescribed from either a
  • standard 4 degree midfoot orthotic shell Cfaleg.jpg - large
  • standard 8 - 12 degree rearfoot orthotic shell (DC Wedge type)
The rearfoot orthotic shell design is based on the Footech designed D.C. wedge .We recommend a heel stabiliser on all
DC Wedge rear foot controlling CFA shells.
How to order CFA Prescription Preform Orthotics

Either call or email to request CFA PDF prescription form  or request a prescription pad from The Orthotic Laboratory.


Make an out-line or scan of your patients foot and we will  use this to specifically adjust the dimensions of the CFA  shell

Email or fax a copy to The Orthotic Laboratory

CFA Options
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  • CFA standard orthotic shell is 4mm polypropylene
  • CFA  orthotics are also available in EVA
  • CFA shell options include gait plate and full heel or hook style courthotic
  • CFAstandard sizes are  small, medium, medium large, large
    and extra large other sizes are produced as required.
  • Bulk orders of plain CFA shells and covers are available for you to customise in your clinic. This enables you to increase profit margins  and to position top cover deflective padding in the location required.