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The Orthotic Laboratory

Professional Footech and Prothotic foot orthoses

Established in 1985 by a group of Australia's leading Podiatrists, The Orthotic Laboratory  is dedicated to providing efficient, cost effective and superior foot orthotics to the Podiatry profession.  A thorough knowledge of biomechanics, and investing in innovative product development and research ensures that The Orthotic Laboratory  continues to remain at the forefront of orthotic  manufacturing developing and introducing latest technology Cad cam and scanning systems that co exist with our highly experienced craftsmen to provide exceptional orthotic devices and services.
Effective and professional orthotic treatment requires a partnership between the podiatrist and their Orthotic Laboratory.   The importance of this partnership is reflected in our commitment to provide superior  professional and effective product  and service. This has been the proven link to the long term success of The Orthotic Laboratory and its Podiatry clients and is the key which assists us to provide effective professional orthotic treatment and improve the quality of life of your patients and the long term success of your practice.
The Orthotic Laboratory has been conducting workshops and lectures  to under graduate students at La Trobe University Melbourne for the past 15 years. This voluntary commitment ensures we remain current and at the forefront of our profession.